Caran d'Ache

Company founder, Arnold Schweitzer, admired the work of a famous French caricaturist of the Belle -poque, Emmanuel Poir (1859-1909). Poir was born in Moscow, the grandson of an officer in Napoleon’s Grande Arme. Published in Le Chronique Parisienne, in 1880, his first drawings were military caricatures, glorifying the Napoleonic era.

It was founded in Geneva in 1915 when Arnold Schweitzer purchased the Ecridor Pencil Factory. Schweitzer named his new company after Caran d’Ache, the nickname of a French satiric political cartoonist (who in turn took his name from карандаш (karandash), the Russian word for pencil).

In 1929, Carl Schmid invented the Fixpencil, one of the first Clutch Pencils which has been trademarked by Caran d’Ache.