Faber Castell

Faber-Castell is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, art supplies, staplers and slide rules, founded in 1761 in Nuremberg by Kaspar Faber. Faber-Castell is a manufacturer of wood-cased pencils and operates a pencil factory in Sao Carlos, Brazil.

Ranging from 10 to more than 1,000 Dollars, the Faber-Castell Product range includes Design, Porsche Design and Graf von Faber-Castell. The Design collection includes Ambition, E-Motion, BASIC, The perfect pencil, UFO, Conic and,k Multifunction.

The Porsche Design collection includes P’3110,P’3120, P’3130, P’3140, P’3150, and P’3190 The Graf von Faber-Castell collection that includes the classic and guillouche and they all have similar designs with a curved edge.

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