Armando Simoni was often heard to repeat “A pen must make writing pleasurable”. If writing is the key to a man’s soul then OMAS designs speak about their creator. Armando Simoni was a lover of Greek culture, a technician and artist at the same time and a great enthusiast of the pen world.

In 1925 he set up in Bologna OMAS (Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni). During the 1930s he designed the twelve-sided model and the other great success story of the pre-war years, the “Doctor’s Pen” fitted with a tiny clinical thermometer in the body of the pen. Simoni’s love of technical challenges resulted in the endless creation of surprising models as Omas Extra 1931, the fountain pen, that enables different types of writing with a single nib ranging from flexible and calligraphic, but also the ball point in the same model.