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Cross Century II 14K Rose Gold Filled/Rolled Gold Rollerball Pen

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Cross Century II 14K Rose Gold Filled/Rolled Gold Rollerball Pen


Signature Cross look.

The Cross Century II 14k Rose Gold Filled/Rolled Gold fountain pen brings the distinctive warmth of rose gold fill to a classic streamlined Cross design - this is a pen that makes a subtle yet dramatic statement when extracted from a shirt pocket or purse. Black lacquer on the trademark conical end cap and gripping section provides visual contrast, while the slender, modernist shape gives this writing instrument excellent balance in the hand.


The Century II has a production history dating back to the 1940s, and this version in 14k Rose Gold Fill leaves a unique impression. This is a slightly bolder, wider version than the original Classic Century model, yet still remains a lightweight mid-sized pen that veers towards the smaller side. This is an easily transportable writer for those who want to be able to take their fountain pen on the go.


The matching rose gold Cross clip allows this pen to be easily affixed to a shirt pocket, and also serves as a built-in roll stopper. A "click" can be heard when putting the cap on. This makes an almost airtight seal between the cap and barrel, which helps prevents early dry-out of the nib.

The gold filled/rolled gold process involves bonding a layer gold to the metal surface of the pen - the result is a pen with many times more gold than a gold-plated pen. Gold filled/rolled gold pens also tend to be more durable and have a surface finish and feel indistinguishable from solid gold.