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Kaweco Special Brass Mechanical Pencil

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Kaweco Special Brass Mechanical Pencil

The Special is a minimalist octagonal design. This brass version is made from untreated brass - there's nothing to protect the metal surface, meaning the brass will tarnish beautifully with time and use. You can keep it polished to a golden shine if you want to, or just let it go, and watch the metal age, reflecting your use, developing a patina that reflects its history.

Mechanical pencil - click to extend the lead. Smaller sizes include an eraser under the cap, 2mm does not. Smaller sizes also have fixed metal lead pipes, making them suitable for use against a ruler or template, and letting you see what you're writing or drawing more easily.

While the brass has an almost mirror-like polish on arrival, it picks up scratches and marks very easily, and our stock here has some small scuffs and marks from the factory - this isn't a finish for those who want their pencils to look pristine!

Length: Aprox. 141mm long, 11mm wide. Weight: 30g for smaller sizes, 32g for 2mm.


Additional Information

Product Code: KW55105
Advance Mechanism: Push-Button
Ink Type: Graphite
Item Colour: Brass
Item Material: Brass, Metal
Refill Type: Refillable, Lead