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Pelikan M101N Special Edition Bright Red Fountain Pen - M (Gift Set)

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Pelikan M101N Special Edition Bright Red Fountain Pen - M (Gift Set) 

Following the successful models m101N tortoiseshell red, M101N tortoiseshell brown and M101N lizard, Pelikan launches the fourth variation in the historical series: The M101N Bright Red. This model comes with an attractive gift box & one bottle of 4001 royal blue ink. Both feature a special historic motif, which makes the set a beautiful gift for every lover of the Pelikan brand.

The vibrant red barrel and cap sleeve are made from high quality acrylic with a distinctive marbled pattern. The quality synthetic resin of the cap head and the filling handle polishes itself as it is used – meaning that Bright Red always continues to shine. The elegant marbling is in perfect harmony with the 24 carat gold fittings. You can choose the 14 carat gold nib in  M

The M101N has the following measurements: 12,3 cm · 14,7 gr.

In the year 1929 Pelikan was the first company in the world to introduce the differentiated piston mechanism. This technique causes the spindle inside the fountain pen to turn quicker than the end piece of the barrel, with the help of two different threads. To this date, this fountain pen exists in many different variations, and though it has been developed in design and technical details over time, the basic mechanism remains the same.

If you love classics, you own a Souverän writing instrument.

Pelikan offers coveted objects of desire: Elegant writing instruments distinguished by a supreme sense of style. Whether as exceptional collector's pieces, cherished gifts or items of timeless beauty, their spirit will inspire.

Uncommon materials and singular design. Fine writing instruments find admirers among connoisseurs and casual users alike. It's nearly always love at first sight - or first stroke. Fascination and passion, far more than the sum of its parts. Finely crafted in more than 300 individual steps, a testimony to dedication, precision and perfection. Designed to inspire.