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Stipula Etruria Rainbow Limited Edition Fountain Pen With T Flex Nib

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Stipula Etruria Rainbow Piston Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Etruria, the vintage collection most associated with the Stipula name, is a reference to its land of origin, the region of Tuscany or ‘Etruria’ as it was known in ancient times. The colour and detail that characterize Stipula’s roots are brought to life in this vibrant new series - Etruria Rainbow. Its shape is the classic Etrurias' shape, which reminds the perfect sphericity of the Etruscan anphorae, also in their decorations: the stylized three-lobed leaves of the ring, cast by the cire-perdue method and finely chased, decore the clip and the central ring.

First of all, the new clear acrylic colours which offer a wide range of choices: clear orange, clear yellow, clear ruby, clear green, crystal, Prisma and sapphire. Each pen is turned from solid rods of Italian resin and presented in a limited edition of only 351 pieces worldwide.

The Stipula Rainbow Clear edition is based on the classic Etruria historical model, but with some brand new characteristics.

This oversize shaped-Etruria is offered in a piston filling system where you can enjoy the possibility of seeing the colours of the chosen ink inside the barrel of the pen. It fills via an internal piston mechanism, making it a true demonstrator - you can see the ink level at all times.

Etruria also has the optional T-Flex titanium nib (0.6 mm) with matching colours. Titanium is a metal with a great performance in terms of accuracy, flexibility and lightness. This one size T-Flex titanium nib is known for its flexibility that lets you write in fine, medium or broad strokes by adjusting the writing pressure. The T-Flex titanium nib allows for line variation with the slightest of touches, while the demonstrator feature allows you to monitor your ink supply at a glance.