Celebrate Ramadan & Hari Raya with a Montblanc Writing Instrument

Celebrate Eid Al Adha with Montblanc

It’s Ramadan, and whilst the holy month is synonymous with spectacular iftar feasts, there’s one thing that always stood at its centre: storytelling.

The age-old tradition is as cherished as could be in the region, and Montblanc is aptly celebrating it this year. Teaming up with Bahraini filmmaker and content creator Omar Farooq, the Maison—which revolutionized the culture of writing in 1906 with their signature pen—dove into a journey of times past for its latest campaign.

This Eid, Montblanc celebrates the Art of Writing and making meaningful connections to enhance the legacy of storytelling and the importance of the written word. Harnessing the talent of three regional personalities, Bahraini filmmaker and content creator Omar Farooq, music composer, producer and DJ Karrouhat and Emirati poet Sarah Murad, each articulate through their respective crafts the meaningful moments of family togetherness and connection.
The message, as a poem written by poetess Murad, is a reminder to always count our blessings, adopt a youthful spirit, and maintain the strength to carry on during challenging times all this underscored by the grandfather’s heartfelt desire to see his loved ones prosper and thrive.


''There are some moments, that are inked in me. I feel tonight more than I’ve felt many nights before. His face speaks in languages of life; how could I ever capture his wisdom, He watches the flicker of a striker as it echoes and bounces back already predicting that she will win and i will become the sore loser of the night. And the moon becomes a charm; it becomes the magic he wants to leave behind. He is always writing, always somewhere far away with his words." -
Emirati poet Sarah Murad.

Article adapted from Montblanc.com & Milleworld.com 


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