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DISCLAIMER - Guideline Shopping at KSGILLS RETAIL Store, at 325 Jalan TAR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mon - Sat : 10.00am - 4.00pm ONLY with LIMITED Access.

For INSTANT Engraving Pens & Pen SERVICES, ONLINE Order SELF COLLECTION (OWN PICKUP) : Mon - Sat : 11.00am - 3.00pm ONLY

For Pen Services & Repairs or INSTANT Engraving by Appointment ONLY

Effective 2020, at KSGILLS RETAIL Store has expanded its Operations Focusing MAINLY for :

1) Pen Gift SETs, INSTANT Pen Engraving
2) Pen Service Centre & Repairs
3) Self-PickUp for Online Orders
4) Distribution of Stocks for Agents
5) INSTANT Engraving for Pen Gift SETs (Add-On-Cost)
6) Signing Ceremony Pens & Equipments
7) Corporate & Luxury Pen Gifts
8) Black & Broad Nib Size Pens & Refills
9) Corporate Needs Inks and Refills Collections

ONLINE Store :

KSGILLS.com (24/7/365) (More Choices of 5,000 Pens)


At our KSGILLS RETAIL Store, 325, Jalan TAR, KL, it's merely for Retail Point to Purchase / Distribution Centre for Online Orders / Walk-In (Order & Collect Later) and also as Pen Service Centre Only. (We are NO Longer open for Window Shopping or merely Browsing for Ideas) For more pen options and plannings, kindly explore our ONLINE Store @ KSGILLS.com with assistance by HELPDESK Online Team (WhatsApp CHAT)

For certain Collectors items, our RETAIL Store at 325 Jalan TAR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is NOT a Foundation Pen Ink TESTING Centre to Try Out the NIB Variants to Explore. It's merely for Retail Point to Purchase / Distribute and Service Centre Only.

Advisable, please explore online from any reliable sources / any relevant Forums to know better of the Pens intended to Buy. 

Pre-Order on certain pens can be assisted with waiting time about 14 Days to 30 Days or more. Advance Payment / Deposit is required upon stock is confirmed arrival date to KSGILLS.

Prior to purchase any items, if any clarification is needed, Customer MUST liaise with ONLINE Store Support Team (via WhatsApp Chat ONLY (Green CHAT Button at KSGILLS.com) HELPDESK Online Team (WhatsApp CHAT)

Most welcome to explore our ONLINE Store KSGILLS.com for Variety of Pens and Pen Gift SETs to Order Online.

Every Pen Purchase with KSGILLS.com;

1) FREE Pen Engraving Name (LASER)
2) FREE Shipping within Malaysia by Courier (if Order is RM100 & above)
3) FREE Pen Services by KSGILLS (6 Times, within 6 Months)

1) Manufacturer Warranty ONE Year
2) Standard Gift Box as Pen Brand/Model (OR) KSGILLS Premium Gift Box (Subject to Packages Ordered)
3) KSGILLS Premium Paper Bag
4) KSGILLS Customer Service Card
5) KSGILLS Thank You Card
6) KSGILLS Message Card

For ONLINE Store Support assistant, please CHAT with Us (GREEN Button) at KSGILLS.com

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