Platinum (Japan)

It all started back in 1919's Japan when Shunichi Nakata laid the foundation for what 9 years later would be named Platinum. With time, Platinum has become one of Japan’s most respected manufacturers of fountain pens and brush pens. To this day, the company is still run by the Nakata family and is famous for the high quality and the traditional japanese techniques. Platinum pen has a lot of beautiful details but is also made from the best materials.

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For Your Writing Pleasure

Crafted in Japan in 1919, Platinum Pen Co. is renowned as a manufacturer of fine fountain pens.


Platinum President

Dignified Presence & Commitment

Dignified presence and soft touch traveling from the nib of the pen is exquisite and elegant. For the noteworthy.


Platinum #3776 Century

Innovation in Tradition

Have you experienced a fountain pen that's this complete? The "Flagship Model compilation aimed to serve joy for all


Platinum Plaisir

Simplicity in the Complex

Robust metal body with a soft form is abrasion-resistant and can be used for a long period of time.


Platinum Procyon

Touching Into Sensitivity & Joy

The name “Procyon” is originated from the constellation of Canis Minor. The concept of shining brings a new excitement.


Platinum Collectors Corner

Feel The Fine Texture

You can only reach its real “beauty” when you are not thinking of anything but focused. Slim and simple beauty.


Platinum Ballpoint Pens

Write With Ambition

It originates from words "Platinum" and "Nova" combining into one word that also tells the story of a multi-function pen.


Platinum Mechanical Pencils

Pursuit Of High Performance

Professionals choose the most appropriate tools for the best work and for the best results. And always maintain performance.


Platinum Inks & Refills

Delightful Colours Within Reach

A fountain pen ink that allows you to create your original colors, Find your one and only, your original color.