KaWeCo is a manufacturer of writing instruments based in Heidelberg, Germany.The company was initially founded in 1883 as the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik.Following the First World War, the company began to produce its own gold nibs to reduce their dependence on imported American components. The economic crisis of 1928 put the firm in jeopardy, and it declared bankruptcy in 1929. The company ceased production in 1970, following the death of its director and decline under his widow and sons, but the name was resurrected in 1972, before again closing in 1981. In 1995 the firm h & m gutberlet GmbH acquired the rights to the Kaweco name, and Kaweco fountain pens are once again being produced.

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Writing History, Since 1883

The quality of good things is an experience that goes well beyond a single sense.


Kaweco Sport

Compact, Pocket Carry

In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. A pocket fountain pen which could be carried everywhere.


Kaweco Liliput

Miniature 3 Part Pen

The Liliput is one of the oldest Kaweco models. In 1908 it already fascinated with its simple design, which was made of ebonite back then.


Kaweco Supra

Liliput's Big Brother

The historic model Kaweco SUPRA was then and now a transformation artist. Based on the Liliput design, the "big brother" was created in 1920 as a variably adjustable fountain pen.


Kaweco Sketch Up

Artistic Graphite Tools

Kaweco's clutch pencils became very popular in the 1950s due to the heyday of technical drawing. The Sketch Up series of clutch pencils is still used as reliable working material for artisans, architects, or artists until today.


Kaweco Special

A True Working Companion

The SPECIAL series has proven to be a long-lasting working tool with a reasonable cost. Soon this successful product series was expanded to include fountain pens as well.


Kaweco Dia 2

Pinnacle of Kaweco's Excellence

Of all the series, the Dia2 series undergoes the most complex manufacturing process. The traces of the Kaweco DIA go back to 1921.


Kaweco Student

Historical Student Pens

Kaweco's success story began in 1883 with a small shop near Heidelberg University, selling pens mainly to young students. An inseparable connection between university students developed over the years.


Ink & Refills

Quality German Inks

One could already purchase the Kaweco iron gallus ink at this early stage. Over the years, the ink and the writing instruments have evolved further, with quality remaining the top priority.