Highly-Recommended Fountain Pens for Beginners

Fountain pens are classy and they make a statement. Writing with one is considered something of an art form. And that’s all nice, but what most people don’t realise is that these pens are very practical as well, especially for those who do a lot of writing.

Other pens, particularly ballpoints, require that you exert some pressure on the paper to leave your mark there, but fountain pens work on something called the capillary system. When you touch the nib to paper, the ink more or less automatically flows to that point. This is easier on the hand, although the pens do have to be angled just right to produce this effect — thus the art form.

Some fountain pens are better at some things than others. This list should help you zero in on one that meets your needs.


1. Pilot Metropolitan

The first really inexpensive fountain pen is the Pilot Metropolitan was introduced in 2012 and it was universally praised as a really good fountain pen especially at the price point. It comes in a nice gift box, has a nice weight, very clean lines, and you can even choose between different nib widths which is not something you often find in this price range.


2. Lamy Safari / Lamy Al-Star

LAMY Safari  Likely the best selling fountain pen in the world, the LAMY Safari is a true workhorse pen that you can use and abuse without having to worry about it wearing down. Made of high-quality ABS plastics, the Safari is available in a multitude of colours, as well as the full range of Fine, Medium and Broad nibs. Not only that, but the nibs are easily swappable, so you can exchange from all different nib sizes if you choose. 

The more premium sibling of the Lamy Safari is the Lamy Al-Star. Made of aluminium, it's certainly pleasant to hold and to engrave as a gift



3. Parker IM / Parker Urban

The Parker IM & Parker Urban range is a resolutely contemporary statement in all-metal design. From classical gold finishes to modern brushed chrome barrels, every Parker combines comfort, simplicity and accessibility.



This post just scratched the surface of the fountain pen world. With even more fountain pens available to suit every type of person's writing needs. Hopefully, this can help you or gift your loved one a fountain pen and enter the world of fountain pen writing.


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