Introducing Sailor Special Nibs - Naginata Series

It is said that with a treasured fountain pen, the writer assumes an air of accomplishment as they practice the art of fine handwriting. As one writes, one expresses his innermost thoughts and passions to the world. A pen in the hand becomes an extension of the body and soul. Writing with a fountain pen is a romantic link to our past culture that allows a personal expression that cannot be emulated by today’s sterile forms of communication. Rising above the times a fountain pen will stay, and forever remain, the purest means of self-expression.


To that end, Sailor was fortunate to enjoy the innovative skills of master nib designer Nobuyoshi Nagahara, and prowess of his son Yukio Nagahara. For decades they passionately became one with their craft and today Mr. Yukio Nagahara personally oversees and directs the design process of Sailor’s unique nibs, based on the legacy that his father graciously established with an exclusive series of very unique styles of nibs and pens, which Sailor proudly offers as part of its special nib range. These pens, just like the man that crafted them, are truly unique in design, character and personality.


Fine pen nibs can only be produced by professionally skilled craftsman who painstakingly produce them one by one…

First, gold and other precious metals are melted and rolled into a plate. It is then crafted into shape and iridium-tipping material is carefully applied to the pen nib. The tipping material applied begins to determine the nib width. Refinement and polishing is then needed to prepare it for the next step…

At this stage the perfect ink flow and nib elasticity is determined. With careful precision, the nib is severed along an exact vertical line. This process insures correct air flow and flexibility unique to each Sailor nib.

Finally, the top of the nib and the writing surface are meticulously polished and tuned to ensure the smoothest writing experience possible. Now, the nib is truly born into a life of its own; conceived, crafted, refined and presented to you to complete its journey…

The Sailor Naginata Togi is presented in a special pen with a cap ring engraved "Special Nib" using the Cloisonne technique.  It comes in a distinctive box.   


The Sailor special nibs or Specialty Nibs are real prestige writing instruments with which Sailor conquered the world. Nobuyashi Nagahara san created nibs with different layers and invented ingenious nib settings that allowed characters to be drawn like bold or fine brush strokes. For the West, a whole new world opened up with perfectly made nibs that create writing lines that vary from extra fine to extra bold on the paper. The demand for specialty nibs, however, became much larger than the supply.

With a new President at the helm Sailor opts for a new approach. Starting from December 2018, Sailor will be launching an adapted line of 1911L Specialty Nibs with 7 special nibs which will be sold at a limited number of fountain pen specialists. 





Types of Sailor Special Nibs



1. Naginata Togi  


1911 Special Nib : Naginata Togi or (GT) | Point Plume®

The Sailor Naginata Togi nib provides variation of line width by changing the angle of the nib on the page.  It also has a degree of flex, due to its long tines.  It is available in Medium Fine, Medium, and Broad.  This 21ct nib comes with rhodium or gold finishing.  It is named for the Japanese weapon, the nib resembling the shape of the blade.



2. Naginata Emperor


The Naginata Togi Emperor has an extra solid gold tab over the top of the nib. It serves as an additional ink reservoir or feed, because broad stokes require a lot of ink. Available in Medium-Fine.




3. Naginata Fude De Mannen



Fude de MannenFude meaning “bent” in Japanese and Mannen “fountain pen”, a very suitable name for this nib. It provides bold calligraphic strokes for normal use and finer strokes when used in the upside-down position. In terms of use, one could say this is the reverse of the Concord.




4. Naginata Concord


This nib looks like it was dropped on the floor, but no worries this is the Naginata Concord. It provides fine writing strokes in normal position and bold calligraphic strokes in upside-down position. The line width is relative to the writing angle. The main characteristic of this nib is that lines remain fluid regardless of the angle at which they are written.



5. Naginata Cross Point


Naginata Cross Point is fitted with a double-layered nib featuring a cross point design on the tip. It provides a very juicy broad horizontal stroke and a fine line in the upside-down position.




6. Naginata Cross Music



The Naginata Cross Music is a double-layered nib with a unique cross point on the tip. This nib is an “architect” type nib, meaning that it produces fine lines when writing downwards and broader strokes for horizontal use. This nib is even broader than the Cross Point.



7. Naginata Cross Concord


The Naginata Cross Concord is equipped with a fine writing, double layered nib with a cross point design on the tip. It provides broad calligraphic stroke in the upside-down position. This is a wet and broad writer.





Sailor Special Nibs - Naginata Series

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