Lamy Nib Guide - The perfect nib for every style of writing

Fine, medium, broad? Oblique or straight? When it comes to nibs there are a number of choices and with good reason: every person's handwriting is different! Lamy offers the perfect nib for every style of writing and every preference. Discover how to find the right one for you in our Lamy Nib Guide.

In principle, you can combine your favourite Lamy Fountain pen with any Lamy nib to create your perfect writing instrument. The LAMY 2000 is an exception to this rule as it has its own special nib. 




M nib

This nib suits almost everyone: the M nib from Lamy is an all-rounder suitable for most scripts and writing styles. The secret is its rounded tip: no sticking, no scratching and a line that is neither too thick nor too thin.




Fine and broad nibs: EF, F, B, BB

Writers with a straight grip will feel particularly at ease with these nibs: straight nibs are available from Lamy in sizes "extra fine" (EF), "fine" (F), "broad" (B) and "extra broad" (BB).

Tip: when choosing the correct nib width the important thing is the size of your own handwriting: the smaller your script, the finer the nib should be. A larger script, on the other hand, will generally look better with a broad nib. (



Calligraphy nibs (Z50): 1.1 mm / 1.5 mm / 1.9 mm

Calligraphy nibs are also known as cursive or italic nibs. Rather than having an iridium ball, they have a straight, flat tip. This permits the writer to create a script with different stroke weights – perfect for beautiful penmanship.

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Stainless steel nib – LAMY Lx

The black stainless steel nib for the LAMY Lx series is a stylish upgrade to your writing implement. To achieve its sophisticated look it is polished, PVD coated and laser etched. It is available in sizes "medium" (M), "broad" (B), "extra-fine" (EF) and "fine" (F).

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Stainless steel nib – LAMY aion

A uniquely curved contour is the characteristic feature of the nib from the Lamy aion series. Its unconventional shape provides an expressive accent for your Lamy writing instrument. The nib is polished and gives a soft feel when writing.

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Gold nib – LAMY 2000

Striking shape, 14 carat gold and a silver coloured platinum finish: the nib of the LAMY 2000 is as unique as the pen itself. Its tip is straight and creates a soft, harmonious script. This specialist nib is only suitable for the LAMY 2000 series.

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