Care Guide - Fountain Pen

Take care of your fountain pen to preserve it for a lifetime

1) How to Refill Fountain Pen with Ink Cartridge



2) How to Refill Fountain Pen with Ink Bottle & Converter

3) How to Effectively Clean your Fountain pen

How to Effectively Clean your Fountain Pen to preserve its pristine condition. Especially if the ink has dried up due to lack of use, the feeder system is blocked, a different colour of ink is to be used or the ink flow becomes irregular or stops. For cleaning, use only lukewarm water without any chemical products. It is impossible to prevent condensation after the cleaning process inside the cap. Condensation can dissolve traces of dried ink, causing a colour change in the new ink. Therefore, always be careful to clean the nib and cap with a damp lint-free cloth. To avoid leakage, keep the writing instrument fully filled with new ink and carry the fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.