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Kaweco Replacement Steel Nib Gold Finish

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Kaweco Replacement Steel Nib Gold Finish


Replacement steel fountain pen nib for Kaweco pens. Gold finish. Available in fine, medium, broad, extra-fine and extra-broad. Screw-in unit.

PLEASE NOTE: Suitable for AL Sport, AC Sport, Art Sport, Sport Luxe, Brass Sport, Liliput, Student, Allrounder, Aluminium Special and Dia pens. Does NOT fit Classic and Ice Sport pens.

To remove: grip the nib top and bottom with finger tips and unscrew from the barrel. To insert: grip the new nib as before and screw in until finger tight. Do not grip the nib via the sides or apply uneven pressure or you will distort the nib or detatch it from its feed.

Additional Information

Tip Material: Steel
Tip Type: Fountain Pen