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Lamy Accent Ballpoint Pen - AL KK Palladium Rubber

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The LAMY accent is the first writing instrument with different interchangeable grips. Because there is not just one type of good taste, with the LAMY accent Lamy has developed the first writing instrument which you can configure yourself to best meet your preferences. For this purpose, in the specialist trade, for each LAMY accent fountain pen, ballpoint pen, propelling pencil or ink rollerball, various attractive grips are available from which you can either choose your favourite, or which you can also change again and again depending on how you feel. And this by no means represents the limit to your creativity. Because you can also choose your LAMY accent from two different surface finishes. For example palladium-coated or in a brilliant black, lacquer finish. On these two versions, the grip sections are made of finely grained pear-wood, blue anodised aluminium or black, easy-grip rubber. And the fountain pens have a steel nib.