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Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen - Kensington Red Chrome Trim

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When someone mentions the Parker name the image of the iconic Parker Jotter instantly comes to mind. A firm favourite since their launch over 60 years ago the popularity of the parker jotter pen as an everyday writer is as prominent today as it was back then. 

Brand new and inspired in colour and name by London's Tube stations, these new premiumised Jotters from Parker are made to stand out on desks and in the hands of today's generation of young, fashion-conscious writers. A classy ruby red, this Jotter is named Kensington Red and is part of the Core Jotter collection

  • Upgraded metal barrels
  • Approximately 13cm in length
  • With Quickflow technology
  • Updated clips
  • Presented in a Parker gift box
  • Writes with black medium ink