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Pelikan Classic M205 Blue Marbled Fountain Pen

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Pelikan Classic M205 Blue Marbled Fountain Pen


The series 205 Blue-Marbled was once in the assortment – now it is back - brighter than before. An intense colour of bright blue has the familiar swirl of the well-known Green-Marbled version. It shows a fascinating mix of different shades of blue, that gives the product a certain depth. In combination with the silver rings and trimmings, the appearance is a well defined „wow-effect“ and complements the marbled Elegance series.

This pen features a blue body. This design is complemented by silver-coloured trim and a stainless steel nib engraved with the Pelikan logo.



  • Blue Marbled body.
  • Stainless steel nib.
  • Piston filling system.
  • Dimensions: Capped: 125mm, Uncapped: 121mm, Posted: 148mm, Diameter: 11.9mm, Weight: 14g.



  • This pen only uses bottled ink, which is not included with the pen.