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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Grey Red

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Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Grey Red

Pilot Pen Kakuno smiley face fountain pen. "Kakuno", meaning "to write" in Japanese, is a simple, easy-to-use fountain pen for users of all ages, from kids to adults. It’s affordable price and special features makes it easier for beginner fountain pen users. Cute smiley face :) on the top of the pen nib, making writing with it a happy and enjoyable experience!

Product Features:

  • Colours combination: Cap: Red, Barrel: Grey
  • Nib Size: Fine (F) / Medium (M)
  • Shape: Hexagon Barrel hexagonal cap and body
  • Cartridge: 1 Black included
  • Converter: NOT included
  • Suitable for newbie and amature for daily use


  • Pilot Pen Ink Cartridge (IC-50)


  • Pilot Pen Fountain Pen Converter (CON40)