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Porsche Design TecFlex P'3110 Steel Gold Ballpoint Pen

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Porsche Design TecFlex P'3110 Steel Gold Ballpoint Pen

Porsche Design TecFlex ballpoint pen in high grade stainless steel. The barrel is comprised of stainless steel braided hose of the type used to sheath brake lines and electrics on cars and motorcycles, especially in high-performance environments. The retractable ballpoint in this series is a particular delight, as to operate you simply compress the pen along its axis - the steel weave flexes and contracts accordingly.
All other metal parts feature high-quality silver & gold plating, together with a layer of palladium, for a silky, satin finish.

Supplied with black ballpoint refill. Refill with Pelikan 337 or any standard 'Parker-style' G2 refill.


The Porsche Design writing instruments are known for their unusual material that the barrel is made of. There is good reason behind it, as a short excursion into the field of motor racing will show. The Le Mans 24-hour race counts as the toughest in the world. It tests men and materials to the limit. A particularly critical point was found to be the numerous and unusually sensitive electrical and electronic connections. So as to protect them from heat and mechanical stress, the Porsche team used TecFlex, a cable sheath woven from stainless steel. TecFlex is unusually resistant to corrosion, highly elastic, very hard wearing, surprisingly supple and with a filigree beauty. Stainless Steel is a fascinating combination of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and tungsten. The gold threads to the weave adds a new lustre. The threads are 14-carat(.585)gold plated.


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