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Sailor 1911L Large Realo Black Gold Trim 21K Fountain Pen

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The Sailor 1911 Realo piston filled mechanism fountain pen is now available in the regular large size fountain pen with 21K gold plated nib (same size as the Sailor 1911 large size fountain pen). This lovely fountain pen use Sailor’s own piston filling mechanism and come with a window in the barrel to act as an ink gauge. The filling is made possible with a tail end knob and come with a large ink capacity of 1.0cc.

The Realo made its debut a few years ago to commemorate Sailor’s 95th Anniversary and it was on a King of Pen size fountain pen. The Realo was the first piston filled mechanism fountain pen made by Sailor and was limited to 100 pieces only, it was sold out quickly. Since then collectors have yearn for another Sailor fountain pen with such mechanism. Now with its existing superb nib performance and a piston filling mechanism it will be a favorite for many collectors.


Length with cap posted: 15.5cm

Central circumference: 4.3cm

System: Fountain pen uses piston filling system

Nib type: Handcrafted finely engraved 21k gold nib