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Sailor 1911L Fountain Pen Special Nib - Naginata Togi Black Gold Trim

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Sailor 1911L Fountain Pen Special Nib - Naginata Togi Black Gold Trim

Sailor 1911 Large Special Nib Full Size Naginata Togi Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen

The 1911 Large fountain pen is made of acrylics and has a traditional design with gold plated accents. The pen uses the cartridge/converter filling system. The fountain pen has Sailor's famous 21 kt gold Naginata-Togi nib: the unique ‘Naginata Togi’ nib allows for a very wide range of writing angles and gives personality to the writing style with the creating of thin and wider lines. The cap ring of the pen is infilled with resin using the special cloisonné technique, stating that the pen is fitted with a special nib.

- Nib: 21 karat gold
- Weight: 21.6 grams
- Measurements: 18 x 141mm, 155mm cap posted

Supplied in a smart gift box with a Sailor converter for use with bottled ink. Also takes Sailor ink cartridges.


Sailor Pen is dedicated to producing the most elegant and desirable Writing Instruments obtainable. Since 1911 Sailor Pen maintains the long heritage of quality and technical excellence and perfection.

The pens and nibs are made exclusively in Sailor´s own factory in Hiroshima Japan using the best quality materials available. Sailor pens are regarded to many as the best writing instruments available in the world.