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Sailor Pro Gear Angel's Delight Rhodium Trim Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)

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Sailor Professional Gear Angel's Delight Rhodium Trim Fountain Pen


The newest model of Cocktail Series: Angel's Delight

Only 1,500 pieces will be made for this model. Sailor uses 2 shades of purple in grip and barrel with the white in the cap to convey the beauty of Angel's Delight cocktail.


The Sailor Fountain pens begins with the nib, it has successfully maintained this heritage quality and technical. With its meticulous nib quality combined with top quality resin, presenting this lovely model called the PROFESSIONAL GEAR, this elegant fountain pen comes with a flexible SINGLE TONE 21K gold nib and decorate with silver trim. This model comes with the lovely flat top seemingly more blending with the entire fountain pen and the weight balance is at it optimum.

The Sailor Professional Gear Angel's Delight special edition finish featuring a violet barrel and pearl white cap is part of their Japan domestic model Cocktail series.  


Diameter Body: 13 mm - Max: 18 mm

Length (Closed): 129 mm

Weight: 21.6 g

System: Fountain pen uses Sailor ink cartridge or converter

Nib type: 21k gold nib, titanium Ion-plated nib

Conditions: New in box with original international warranty and packaging