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Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen - Light Blue Teal Shimoyo (Tsukuyo-no-Minamo)

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Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pen - Light Blue Teal Shimoyo (Tsukuyo-no-Minamo)  

Sailor Shikiori Tsukuyo-no-Minamo Fountain Pen Light Blue Shimoyo (Teal Shimoyo -204)

Shikiori - the four seasons. The changing seasons are hugely important to Japanese culture, and Sailor's Shikiori range looks at the seasons of Japan in a number of different ways. In this Tsukuyo-no-Minamo ('Moonlit Water') series, each season is seen through reflections on the water's surface. The white finial at the end of the cap represents the moon, following the evening/night theme of this series.

Based on the beautiful ProColor pens, the simple curves of the barrel and elegant trim highlight the cap and barrel finishes perfectly. As you'd expect from Sailor, the pen, and especially the nib, are made to the highest standards.

Supplied in a smart gift box with a converter, so you can use bottled ink. Also takes Sailor ink cartridges.

Yozakura - moonlit frost. A cold winter evening, with frost just beginning to form around the edges of the pond, with the light of the moon giving it a subtle sparkle.

Winter evening
The pond's frosty edges shine
A cold moonlit night

Additional Information

Product Code: SR61107
Advance Mechanism: Capped
Ink Type: Liquid Ink
Item Colour: Turquoise
Refill Type: Converter, Fountain Pen Ink, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge
Tip Material: Steel
Tip Type: Fountain Pen