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TWSBI Eco-T Fountain Pen - Coral

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TWSBI Eco-T Coral Fountain Pen

TWSBI fountain pens are loved for their high quality and affordability, offering advanced filling mechanisms normally reserved for much more expensive fountain pens. The TWSBI ECO-T (ECO being short for "economical") provides the same high-quality, high-capacity piston filler at an even lower price. It features a sleek, transparent barrel and a rounded triangular screw-on cap that can be posted securely on the back of the pen. The piston filling mechanism is easily operated by twisting the knob at the end of the barrel counter-clockwise to extend the piston, submerging the nib in ink, then screwing the knob tight to retract the piston, drawing ink into the pen straight from the bottle. There's no need for cartridges or a converter!


The ECO-T's grip section features a rounded triangular shape that gently encourages you to hold the pen at the optimal angle. The triangular grip section is matched by the pen's rounded triangular cap and piston knob.

In keeping with their philosophy of promoting the traditional experience of using a fountain pen, TWSBI has designed this pen to be completely self-serviceable. It comes with a wrench and a vial of silicone grease you can use for at-home maintenance.

This pen only uses bottled ink, which is not included with this pen.