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Visconti Divina Oversized Ferrari Red Special Edition Fountain Pen

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This Limited Edition Fountain Pen is based on the golden ratio, which according to the classical Greek sculptor Phidias contains the key of knowledge. The number is 1,618 and it corresponds to what is considered a “particularly aesthetic ratio.” This ratio occurs repeatedly in nature and in fact, it defines the “ideal relation,” an arithmetic measure which is enjoyable for the eye, called also “golden mean proportion” or “golden section.”

The pen is made out of Red Vegetal Resin and Sterling Silver inlay spiralling around the whole pen. The pen uses a very unique and stable “Push-Pull Piston Filler”. 


Technical  Features:

Writing: Fountain Pen

Pen Size: Oversize

Nib: 23 Kt. 950 Palladium Gold Trim Broad (B)

Filling System: Push-Pull Piston Filler

Metal Trims: Palladium plated

Serial Number: 05/28



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